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Do you want to earn some money while in college so that you can manage your expenses? For students, Doing a part-time job with the study is really challenging. Not sure where to start, then Let’s try one of these amazing top 10 money making apps from which anyone can generate a good income and stressed out from all financial problems. It is a must-read article for college students who want to pay out their college fees and other expenses so they can help or support their families.

Here are 10 best apps for earning money while you are in college



Well, it is quite familiar to the American app Swagbucks but it aimed for the Indian audience. It is one of the successful android money making apps and you can earn from it if you are consistent enough. In the Taskbucks app, people do online surveys, write product reviews and personal opinions for different companies and earn a good amount from those companies.

2. Rewardable


This app is also one of the genuine money making app however, it is only for those people who live in the United States. This app pays you real money, not like some credit bullshit. You have to complete few online surveys and answer few questions for companies and you can earn 10 to 25 dollars per day which is quite a good deal.

3. Slide


Slide app is quite popular in Indian and Pakistan. This app allows you to earn money by assigning some tasks and you can also earn money from the slide by watching free videos but you cannot earn good money from watching videos. You can also get a good income from slide’s referral program in which you have to invite more people on this app and eventually you will make a good amount of money.

4. Dosh


Dosh is also quite a good online earning app from which you can earn money by purchasing items from this app. You just have to link your credit card with your josh account and once your balance reaches up to 25 dollars then you can withdraw an amount from the Dosh app to your Paypal account although it is still not recognized by many people.

5. Healthy Wage

Healthy Wage

It is my personal favourite app which is so amazing. Healthy Wage app pays you for losing your extra weight. You have to take the challenge from the HealthyWage app and if you achieve your goal on time like you shed 10 kgs in 3 months, then you could even get 300 dollars. You can also invite your buddies and take the group challenge of fitness and you can all earn from it.

6. Shopkick


Shopkick is also a great app for earning money and cash rewards. Those who are heavy shoppers can redeem gift cards or coupons from any store which will be given to you by Shopkick. You can easily get 2-4 $ dollars from there and the best thing is that the app is absolutely free and anyone can use it from the google play store.

7.Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Reward

This app is also one of the great app from which you can get great deals and benefits by giving your opinions. However you cannot earn cash from there but you can earn google play credits from which you can buy google paid apps, games, movies, google books, and many more things. You just have to give an honest opinion about a product asked by google and you can certainly grab hefty credit rewards.

8. Tap Cash Reward

Tap Cash Reward

This app is also an emerging app and also become popular among people. Once you download it and sign it, you can start earning money by completing activities and tasks given by the app. This app is a kind of fast money making app that can be used by anyone in their spare time. The activities and tasks given by these apps are watching videos, advertisements, and other things. Both android users and IOS users can use Tap Cash Reward.

9 . Ibotta


Ibotta is also great money making app from which you can earn great cashback offers and gift cards on everyday purchases you make. If you use the Ibotta app before making any purchase then you can get special offers on the same deal and save your money. Ibotta app is also linked with many online stores and retailers, so you can also get discounts from these stores and retailers on purchases you make. Ibotta app deals in many products from top to bottom which helps you to find your choice of product.

10. Cash Pirate

Cash Pirate

Cash Pirate app is also counts on the best money making apps from which you can earn money by watching videos, trying sample products from different companies, inviting your friends and family. You will earn coins from this app and when your balance reaches up to 2500 coins then you can withdraw your earnings in your PayPal account. Almost 40000 users are already satisfied with this app which is really great.


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