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In recent times, for every business, both the individual developers and also for most Retailers creating, developing and enhancing the online presence has become mandatory due to the current covid 19 pandemic. As we all know, The demand of web developer is increasing day by day. Also, Frameworks for web development have always been an extremely important part and basic characteristic of web development.

On the contrary, Frameworks are playing a major role and have become an essential part of web development nowadays from building rich and Interactive web applications, It is firmly believed that the world is one among the practical, realistic approach. However, Frameworks are endorsed by thousands of developers around the world for their reasonable technique.

On the other hand, web applications have both backend frameworks and front end frameworks, Which are also known as client-side and server-side frameworks. In addition, it creates pretty richly, compatible websites for browsers and web applications. At the same time, web developers have got the power to influence the best web development frameworks.

However, when it comes to finding the best web development framework for business once in a while we have to do a thorough investigation of the functionalities in each framework and also do brainstorming.

Since it has many frameworks, you might end up scratching your head. Here, we have listed a few best frameworks for web development. Also, we have mentioned some of the most popular websites and applications. On the contrary, it also rejoices in the perks of these top 9 web development frameworks.

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However, we will discuss both the front-end frameworks and back-end frameworks.

Front-end Web Development Frameworks:

A Front-end Framework is mainly based on what the users view on the webpage. HTML, CSS and Javascript are the three main tools which were used for developing a front end frameworks.

1. ReactJS:

Frameworks for web development

React is considered one of the best web development frameworks by web developers. However, it is more similar to a library. React JS was developed by Facebook in 2013. Also, React is a component-based architecture which was the first framework to adopt this kind of architecture. On the contrary, Vue and Angular also adopted the architecture later. React enhances speed and performance. However, it is highly compatible with vast libraries. React could be used on both the server side and the client side. For every programmer or developer, React is mostly considered to be the framework with favourite javascript. Currently React Js is one of the most demanding skills and high paid jobs in IT sectors.

2. AngularJS:


Angular is considered one of the best frameworks of web development for the front end. It is an open-source javascript framework introduced by Google in 2010. It has a robust collection of components Which simplifies the art of altering and writing code. Angular is used by Top companies like Google, Microsoft and Paypal. On the other hand, it plays a vital role in Building rich Single Page Applications. Also, it offers great flexibility when compared to others. One of the main features of Angular is that it has two-way data binding.

3. VueJS:


Vue is a newly risen star among frameworks. It was developed by former google in 2013. Also, the growth Vue community is increasing day by day. The Simplicity and versatility paved its way to becoming the best framework for web development. It mainly focuses on building complete front-end applications. It can be easily grasped by the programmers as it was so simple, unlike others. It combines Angular 1. x’s simplicity and React.JS’s performance. On the other hand, Reusable components can be written easily by Vue. As it is opinionated, Developers can develop the applications just the way they want.

4. EmberJS:


Ember was introduced in 2015 and since then, it was considered one of the best web development frameworks for client-side applications. Also, It contains both HTML and CSS. However, It can work with APIs provided by the framework in a quick way. On the contrary, it is well known for its stability without stagnation and for reusable javascript web applications. Ember has lots of features, concepts and components. The main feature of Ember is two-way data binding and it has built-in functionalities. Most Popular websites like Google, Linkedin, Netflix, Microsoft, Heroku and etc often use Ember as Frameworks for their Websites.

5. BackboneJS:


Backbone is the most famous framework which was created by the developer Jeremy Ashkenas, who has also created CoffeeScript and underscores. It is considered an extremely light client-side Javascript framework. Also, It is completely based on and implements Model View Presenter(MVP)design. However, it allows you to develop compact web applications using JQuery.Unlike others, In Backbone almost 100+ extensions are available. It is quite easy to learn and understand. Popular websites like Reddit, Amazon and PayPal use Backbone javascript as their front-end framework.

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Back-end Web development Frameworks:

The Back-end Frameworks are the server-side web development frameworks. These Frameworks make tasks hassle-free and it is more convenient for developers. These Web app Frameworks mainly focus on Scripting languages namely, Node. js, Javascript, Ruby and it also contain compiled languages like Java, C, C# etc.

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1. Django:


Django is a python based Model View Template (MVT) or Server-side framework used for web development. Also, Django allows programmers to write clean code with the syntax of python. This framework is mainly used on popular Websites like Instagram, Google and Youtube.

2. NodeJS:

top backend frameworks

Node is a famous Back-end Javascript framework for web development. It is pretty simple and very easy to learn. Also, you can use the same language for both the server and the client. It is an event-based model with a rich ecosystem. On the contrary, it is fast processing with a Robust Technology stack.

3. Ruby on Rails:

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a server-side web Development framework based on Model view controller(MVC) which was developed in 2005. It is a popular framework that is loved by Numerous developers. Also, the rails in the ruby community are pretty reliable and simple. Famous websites like Shopify, Github and Airbnb use this framework as their primary source.

4. Laravel:


Laravel is one of the most popular Model View Controller (MVC) frameworks of web development created by Taylor Otwell. This framework uses PHP as its language. Also, it has modular systems and libraries. This framework contains built-in commands like “Artisan” and has database system support.


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