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best place to learn robotics

Simply learning and learning efficiently are two phases of a coin. Whereas people keep both things equal. Have you ever thought of whatever you are learning if there are enough opportunities to apply it?

Today we’ll examine several most effective platforms that can give you the most effective data for how to learn about robotics which is the hottest topic currently.

According to the studies, robotics engineering is the fastest-growing network in the world. And it is assessed that till the year 2025 the global industrial robotics projects will notice a hike of 100,000 million dollars. Now, the question arises that why there’s a huge call for robotics engineers and which are floors that can nourish you learn robotics to give a good kick start to your career. If you are searching for a road map on robotics then have a look at a step-by-step guide on How to Become a Robotics Engineer?

In this world who does not aspire to create a lot of earnings instead of operating for ampere-hours? Robotics deals with drafting, building, and designing AI-based working models which may substitute human work. And increase the efficiency of work. Today everyone wants to create a lot out of what they earn now. And there comes the importance and need of robotics.

Determination to learn and grow is the key that will make you succeed. If you’re willing to learn then no one can stop you. It’s just the matter of deciding to create an amendment in yourself. Robotics works beyond imagination. You make things work as you imagine. To urge most from robotics you need to possess a good hand on your coding skills together with basic arithmetic and pure mathematics.

Physics is that the backbone of the robotics background. So, it’s counselled to accumulate some good understanding of basic principles and necessary laws. Before getting into robotics which can give you a good base. And to figure out the functionality of models you wish to possess a good command of Python or C++. You can go with any of these.

If you are a freshman then you can start with online platforms like Microsoft Bot Framework, Virtual Bot Builder. In starting it will seem like you are not perceiving anything however, have patience gently you will gain a more robust understanding. First, try to build virtual machines like bot assistants, voice assistants and master them.

Best Platforms to Start Learning Robotics

Here is a list of best places to learn robotics and give you a new and energetic start to your bright future-

Learn robotics –

Learn Robotics

Learn robotics gives you hands-on practice by providing you with interesting and challenging projects where you get the chance to learn from the robotics engineers directly. You can even join online courses and clubs for better nourishment of your robotic skills.

Futurelearn –

Futurelearn for robotics

Futurelearn provides you with several courses on robotics in particular where you get the opportunity to learn from world-class universities. It also grants you a flexible monthly subscription accompanying 7 days free trial.

YouTube –

Youtube for Robotics

You can even go for an open-source network like YouTube where you can learn anything free of cost at your pace of speed that makes it a lot of versatile and reliable. You can even try different tutorials from different channels to expand your knowledge.

Eckovation –

Eckovation to learn robotics

Eckovation is an online platform to join different learners from different parts of the world to learn together. It is a cellphone-based floor. And guess what? It’s free to use. Eckovation robotics is a course that is specially designed by the peers of IIT Delhi and Bits Pilani to supply everybody with quality education. Due to the more comfortable learning, it is one of the best floors to go for robotics.

Udemy –

Udemy for Robotics

Udemy is one of the most reliable platforms to uncover anything you like. On Udemy you get thousands of courses on the topic you wish. Where you can pick any course of your choice, it can be anything learning to play guitar, coding, or any digital marketing course you’ll get everything you desire. And, you can always go by the reviews of the learners who have finished that course beforehand, which may accommodate you to pick the most trustworthy of all.

Coursera –

Coursera For Robotics

Coursera is one of the most popular platforms among all the online platforms providing certified courses on your hands. Coursera provides you with the courses provided by universities and organizations from around the world. To get certified you need to do all the assignments and graded activities.


Edx for robotics

EDX is very much similar to Coursera. It provides you with numerous online courses proposed by Harvard and MIT university online in the ease of your arms.

EDX provides all the theoretical as well as the exercise questions inside the course for a better understanding of the enrolled freshman. After completing all the tutorials an exam is conveyed in which a particular minimum percentage is set to receive the course completion certificate.

MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) –

Learn robotics from MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW)

It’s a free open-source platform where you get to learn about the courses taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to undergraduates and other graduate-level courses online to all the scholars. OCM provides all the required study materials to all the scholars taking up the course and guess what? You can even furthermore download the supplies and practice them offline.

LinkedIn Learning –

Learn robotics from LinkedIn Learning

On LinkedIn learning, you get the opportunity to learn from industry experts directly who have already mastered that field. And you’ll be able to learn alongside your team by buying the course for your groups. LinkedIn is one of the fastest-growing networks on the web. Where you can connect with thousands of people working in that particular field. And also, you can test your knowledge and skills by applying to a corporation as an intern which can offer you decent expertise.

If you’re just getting started then start now itself. Do not expect the time to come back or someone who will ask you to do what is good to you and tell you what’s your goal is. Never let others tell you to work hard and start working. Be the one who leads the crowd, not the one who be part of the crowd. If you’re facing difficulty take a break. Think what’s the problem and start again. If you are dedicated to what you are doing. Then nobody on earth can stop from you doing it. Have patience and keep on working.


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