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In Modern times, most of us would look to buy brand new refurbished electronic products and the market for these products is looking up to reach greater heights.

Refurbished products are the products which were quite old or the products returned by the customers because of fault exchange or some other reasons.

As far as we know, not every person can afford to buy new expensive refurbished products like laptops, phones, and home appliances, and the manufacturers work on them and sell them as refurbished products.

Thus, refurbishing electronics will be more useful for those people. However, India plays an important role in Refurbishing Electronics. The Refurbishing of Electronic Products is popular in many countries.

Many multinational companies and a few other unicorn clubs in India ( i.e, companies with a yearly turnover of 1 billion) took a major part in Refurbishing electronics and home appliances.

People in India are more focused on buying refurbished products especially, smartphones, gadgets, and accessories. Many e-commerce websites and their social media platforms have often come up with exclusive offers and give away. However, In recent days any third party can also repair and sell refurbished products.

One more important reason for the usage of refurbished products is that one can refurbish the product which is emotionally connected. However, it was broken, damaged, and repaired.

refurbished products

Top reasons to Buy refurbished products

Here are some reasons to look after refurbished products-

The Quality of Refurbished Products is sometimes far better than our expectations.

The Refurbished Products are often much cheaper than the original ones.

However, the re-functioned, pre-owned products also work perfectly.

Some manufacturers give licenses for some specific refurbished goods.

Particularly, the refurbished smartphone sale in India is overrated.

Many people can buy these products at a reasonable price.

The refurbished products will be highly preferable for those who couldn’t afford to buy furbished high-end products.

Apparently, Refurbished Electronic products are Budget-friendly goods.

Obviously, there are quite valuable reasons to buy refurbished products without any negotiation. If any of you is looking for one of the best websites to buy refurbished products in India. Then, here are some websites where you can find the best and most cost-efficient refurbished electronic products and home appliances without any negotiation.

Additionally, there are few things which we have to go through before buying refurbished products. Here, I’ll be mentioning a couple of things. Firstly you should go with a reliable and familiar website that sells certified products.

As far as I know, Certified products are far much better than Pre-owned products. And you should check the products twice or thrice and look out for the warranty with particular attention.

On the Contrary, Numerous Indian Multinational companies are selling refurbished electronic products nowadays. For example, Flipkart and Amazon Since 2019, Companies like Flipkart and Amazon have kicked off refurbishing their electronic products like smartphones and other gadgets repackaged, refunctioned with flash sales, discounts, and Warranty. Here is the Compendium of Best websites for Refurbished products in India.

Top Websites to buy Refurbished Products

Flipkart 2Gud:

Flipkart 2Gud

2Gud is functioned and owned by Flipkart. It was a highly recommended website to buy refurbished mobile phones. Additionally, 2Gud is a certified professional website, and most probably, here the refurbished electronic products will come up with a warranty of a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 1 year.

They have some famous smartphone brands like Apple, Samsung, Vivo, Xiaomi, etc. In 2Gud, the refurbished products will be categorized under five sections, which will be more useful for consumers to buy. However, 2gud of Flipkart is not available for desktop users. Overall, It has an affordable price.

Amazon Renewed:

amazon Renewed
Amazon Renewed

Amazon Renewed is a branch of Amazon and a Refurbishing website. In this website, you can buy Smartphones, watches, hair styling, amazon products, etc at an affordable price.

They also have a No cost EMI option and a few other shielding plans for refurbished products. There is one more advantage in Amazon where you can buy the product that you wanted to buy desperately, which was sold out during the sale. Here they have an average warranty of a minimum of 6 months for refurbished products.



Budli’s website is well known for its couple of choices, where the consumer can buy or sell refurbished and pre-owned products. They have a separate testing lab to repair and refunction the pre-owned products.

Budli also has a 7 days replacement policy for their customers. Here, 6 months is the minimum warranty for refurbished or pre-owned products. Additionally, they have some amazing collections of laptops and the Budli website is old-fashioned compared to other websites.



Quikr is a mediator between seller and buyer. They usually don’t sell refurbished products but third-party and second-hand products. This website was quite low in matching people’s expectation levels. They also have some slight imperfections. In Quikr, there is no warranty for products as they are pre-owned


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