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Android, the world’s largest popular operating system, more or less 80% of smartphone users are utilizing it globally. Android provides a world-class arena for creating apps and games for users and business enterprises. The popularity of Android has driven among consumers as well as developers. Numerous apps and games are being downloaded from the Google play store every day.

Who is an Android Developer?

Android Developer is the one who develops mobile application and makes our life simple. The Role of an Android Developer in IT companies is to design and create app. An Android Developer can create simple app as well as large scale app like game apps or e-commerce apps.

How to become An Android Developer

Android serves everything like 5G mobile devices, apps, touchscreen, and tablets. Android is broadening its horizon for the sake of the latest mobile technologies for both users and developers to bring out the most innovative, dynamic, robust mobile applications. 

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Renowned industries and companies like Samsung, LG, HTC, Lenovo are turning to Android for their products. Hence, the unprecedented requisition for Android developers is climbing parallelly according to the IT journals worldwide.  

Let’s find out the strategy, How to become an Android developer?

How to become an Android Developer

Certain skills are required to start a career as an Android developer. 

· Should have good knowledge in Programming Languages like Java or Kotlin.

· Apprehension about the Android Application,

· Work in partnership with the application team, 

· Ongoing evaluation

· Exploring new technologies. 

. Good knowledge of Mobile UI design 

. Have knowledge of Database

Developing Android app can be done on PC, MAC or Linux based computer. Android applications are mostly available for free on Google Playstore to download.

What are the tools and technology required for Android Application development?


How to become An Android Developer

Java is the most popular programming language for Android development. Most of Android Applications are coded in Java. Its concepts like loops, lists, variables, control structure help the Android developer to be competent enough. Java runs on Android Runtime (ART), a specialized virtual machine. It has been chosen for Android development since it is renowned and substantially supported.



Another important official language of Android development is Kotlin from 2017. Kotlin is a simple and easier language to read in comparison to Java. It helps to write the apps faster, enhances productivity, and keeps the code safe. Kotlin is being used by 60% of Android developers.

Android Studio

Android Studio

Android Studio is an officially used IDE for the development of Android Applications. It is the main software editors where the Android developers write codes and congregate the apps from different packages. Closeness with Android Studio will help the developers to work precisely. Developers would be benefitted from the integrated debugger and testing tools to write bug-free codes. Recently Google has announced Android Studio 4.1 which brings multiple new properties for developers. Android Emulator can directly run in Android Studio.

Android SDK

Android SDK

SDK is a determining segment in Android development especially for beginners. It comprises the devices like Virtual Device manager (emulator), ADB bridge, a library of additional code for connection Java programs on the Android platform. Developers are supposed to be good at using the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). SDK incorporates sample codes, software libraries, handy coding tools to benefit test, build and debug Android applications. Android SDK is accessible through free cost download like Android studio. Most of the Android developing apparatus is free of charge, easily available as well as easy to submit the apps. The submission process is also simple – at first, the developer needs to register for a Google Play publisher account paying through Google wallet and submit the app to the Google Play store. Google will accept. The record will appear in Android’s launch checklist. 

Knowledge regarding Material Design Language directions – 

Material Design

Google had declared a set of regulations and quality called Material Design, else apps cannot be authorized to bring out to the google play store. Android Apps is following these certain Material Design directions as a base for their very own user interfaces(UI). The vital components are colors, the element of placement, transitions, and shades, etc.

After writing the application, debugging and testing is significant to verify that the application works in all positions. The trial is a must on actual Android devices and in the emulator. 

Coordination with the team members, honest feedback for the product is crucial for the beginners to progress. 

Different day-to-day challenges helps to become a high-quality Android developer. To confront the rapidly demanding scenario, developers must keep themselves updated and evolve with advanced technologies frequently. 

Distribution of Android Applications can be done by personal websites, official Android Market, e-commerce sites. Android application developers create mobile apps for several industries like amusement, healthcare, education, and so on. Good knowledge regarding particular fields makes the developers distinct from the crowd. Developer’s salaries depend on their expertise level. 

Mobile apps will be in demand for many more years to come, so the android application developers. A career in Android application development would certainly be productive. 

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