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Why are internships on the boom? Its answer is simple experience speaks. Whenever you go out to get a job, even a small one. The first question asked to you will be, Have you ever worked anywhere? And, What will be your answer?

Although, you hold several certificates in your hand. But, they will prefer the one who already has some good previous knowledge in working on that post. Why? Because experiences give you the chance to learn about yourself. It tells you about your strengths and weakness, which further helps you to improve where you lack. And, if you’re a new joiner, you will require some good time to get fit in. No doubt you are capable. And will do good, as a fresher as well.

And, doing a few internships before sitting for any placement is always good to go. It helps you get good insights into how an authorized body works. There you build essential skills like confidence, communication, teamwork, and qualities like leadership which adds stars to your resume.

Many think that getting an internship is a tough call. And underestimates themselves before starting, But it is not as tough as you are making it off.

All it needs is to have belief in yourself, dedication, and willingness to do something. That’s all. I accept! That for beginners, it may seem so hard but, you need to be bold.

Today I’ll be talking expressly about – How to get an internship as a software developer! But I assure you these steps will help you get any internships you like. So, keep calm and continue reading the article.

Building Floor for the Software Developer internship:

Building Floor for the Software Developer internship
internship as a software developer

To get an internship in any of the fields, you need to have a relative interest in it. Something you are passionate about and have a better understanding of that particular subject or area. If you’re willing to get an internship as a software developer, you must know a few programming languages. Along with this, you need to have a good command of data structures and algorithms.

They don’t need you to expert those skills. But to have an idea of how it works. And, if you know some programming languages already and have good basics of data and algorithms. Then you can try applying for internships as a software developer directly.

Leveling one step up to get a Software Development internship:

Leveling one step up to get a Software Development internship

Add certifications to your resume! Adding certificates to your resume could help you stand out in those 300-900 and even more applicants. And if we compare this number of applicants with the numbers of openings in a company. Then we’ll get to know that out of these below, one-fourth of the total applicant’s applications gets selected for further examination. And in that too, only a few get picked out for internship.

It does sound hard. But if you aim it, you’ll get it.

You can pick out any of the best online platforms to learn skills for software development. But, before suggesting any online platforms for you to build up your skillset. Let me first tell you what skills will be required for you to have as a software developer.

  1. Programming language
  2. Data structures and Algorithms
  3. Object-oriented programming
  4. Problem-solving
  5. Cloud computing
  6. Working with top IDE’s
  7. Database and SQL

You don’t need to learn all and stop. Here I have mentioned only a few must-have skills to be a software developer. You can even go further to learn and develop. And, this is only a sign of a good developer.

Do few courses and get certified. That will become the rope for you to climb up the crowd.

Best platforms to go for learning and getting certified? Here they are –

  1. Udemy
  2. Coursers
  3. edx
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Udacity

These are the top 5 online learning platforms of now, which you can refer to, or you can also go with any other of your choices.

Icing the cake :

Icing the cake

Now let’s apply what we have learned so far. Work on your innovative projects. Let your creativity come out and put it into your projects. You can even try re-making the software. Right now, I am not talking about big projects. Do small ones and add your touch to them. And constantly increase your level. Yeah, we are looking for an internship. But our target is not only that but something more than that! We are aspiring to be software developers in dream companies.

Build up a community with your friends and work on projects together. It will not only help you to fill the cracks in your understanding of the topic but will also build up your teamwork.

Applying for Internships –

Applying for Internships

We are now all ready to apply for internships.

✅ We have relevant skills.

✅ We own certificates for our abilities.

✅ We have projects made by us from scratch.

✅ We are now confident because we are leading the crowd!

Apply for the one that suits you best.

Now, where to apply!

There are several platforms available on the internet, which help you find your dream internship.

The first one I’ll be talking about here is Internshala.

Internshala is a platform that helps you to find and apply to internships easily. All you need to do is build up your resume and start applying for internships. It is easy. True? There you also get to filter internships according to your preferences. Once you submit your resume and proceed with the application, you get to see few assessment questions to answer. Answer all the questions with your best, as that will only decide that your application will get selected or not.

The second one is LinkedIn which is a platform for all career enthusiasts. There you can find jobs in the IT sector and all other fields as well as internships. To apply from Linkedin for an internship, you need to search the preferred field and the employment type accordingly. And, within a few steps, you can apply for internships from there.

Few tips for you –

As you’ve reached the end of the article, I have few tips to address you!

  1. Apply for a good number of internships. That will gradually increase your chances of getting one.
  2. Keep your resume attractive and up to date.
  3. Take your time, think wisely, then only answer the assessment questions. Don’t rush!
  4. Keep a check on your emails regularly.
  5. Don’t give up!

There are lots of companies that are offering internships to university students as software developers. And, you can be the one! It is neither tough. If you work hard, you will achieve it. Many lose hope when they don’t get to see any results. But wait for the right time. Maybe this is not your time, but soon it will be all yours! Your hard work will not go into veins.

Be ready with your skillset toolbox. And keep on applying for internships. You’ll get one. Now, many get confused about which internship to prefer, paid or unpaid? My answer is simple. If you get paid one, go for it. If you didn’t get any paid one but unpaid! Go with it! As that will provide you to learn and will increase your knowledge in both cases.

Keep on growing!


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