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Quantum technology is classified as the technology that works on the principle of Quantum mechanics that has emerged from the field of physics (Quantum Physics) that includes the quantum superposition and entanglement.

People don’t know where quantum technologies are used. You will be surprised to know that you are using Quantum technology in your day-to-day life. The mobile phones, televisions, laptops, and computers you are using are working on quantum technology, the semiconductors used in these devices are using quantum physics.

History of Quantum Technology

History of Quantum Technology

Quantum technology has been in existence for a while but in recent years, it has been gaining momentum in world technology because of its working capacity. Meanwhile, it has been adopted almost all over the world and mostly in industries which include the Finance industry, health industry, and many more. The evolution of Quantum technology can be traced back to book and article publications of prominent people such as Gerard J. Milburn in 1997, Jonathan P Dowling and Gerard J Milburn in 2003, and David Deutsch in 2003.

How does Quantum technology works?

How does Quantum technology works?

The technology works with Quantum mechanics which depends on two phenomena, and these are Superposition and entanglement. These two are very important features of Quantum technologies. Superposition is the amazing ability of the quantum system to appear in multiple places and at the same time. This gave quantum a super ability to process larger numbers of data at the same. While entanglement is the high bond of connection between quantum particles even if they were put at far distance places.

One must have been wondering what makes Quantum computers more advance and more complex than the kind of computer we operate today. The kind of computer we operate today is what is known as a classical or conventional computer. However, the differences between the Quantum computer and classical computer are wider. The differences can be found in its composition and its characteristics or features.

The Quantum computer, unlike classical ones, uses qubits. The classical computer uses bits or bytes (zero or one bit), which is different from qubits. While qubits are the Quantum bits and the Quantum bits can be 0 and 1 at the same time. The ability of qubits makes it supreme over a conventional computer. This gave Quantum computer the ability to calculate in multiplicity and at the same time.

Conventional computers do not have superposition ability while Quantum computers possess it, which made it more supreme on conventional ones.

Unlike conventional computers, quantum computers use QPU (Quantum Processing Unit) has its own central processing unit.

However, we are going to discuss the areas where Quantum technology is useful and list a few of the companies involved in its developments. There are several ways in which Quantum technology would be useful such as in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (AI), weather and climate prediction, Drug or medicine developments, and finance. While on a different note, this technology has its own demerits. Quantum computers cannot replace conventional or classical computers based on their functions. Quantum computers are designed to solve the complexity of the problems that any normal or classical computers cannot do.

Benefits of Quantum Technology

The benefits of Quantum would be discussed below:



In the area of cybersecurity, Quantum computers would be used to enhance security while at the same time it is a threat to security. The reason why it is a threat to security is that it can be used to decrypt the encrypted data because of its high calculating performance. It would be used to solve very complex problems that are not solvable to classical computers.

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Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

The role of Quantum computing cannot be snubbed because it could be using to compute huge datasets and enhance learning and reason for AI’s.

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Weather forecasting

weather forecasting

Quantum would also be used in the area of forecasting weather. It would improve the accuracy of the forecast and this will lead to saving of lives and properties by warning against extreme or dangerous weather.

Drug development

Drug development

The introduction of Quantum technology into the pharmaceutical industry has reduced financial costs and time for the production of new drugs. It is reported by Biogen, a pharmaceutical industry, that “it takes up to more than 10 years to the pharmaceutical companies and a big investment is required i.e. in billions or trillions of dollars for discovering a new drug and to brought it in the market” this shows how efficient it is to the health sector.

Financial modeling

Financial modeling

Quantum technology has a high capacity to calculate huge data with a high speed, unlike other classical computers. Google for instance announced that they have a quantum computer that is faster than conventional computers 100 times.

Companies using Quantum Technology

The Companies involved in the enhancement of the Quantum technology. These are some of the companies that are responsible for the development of Quantum technology

  • Quantum Technology Companies list are –
  • IBM
  • NEC corporation
  • Google QuAil
  • Fujitsu
  • HP
  • Cambridge Quantum Computing
  • Baidu
  • AT&T
  • Aliro Quantum

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