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The tech industry is booming nowadays That’s why this is the best time to learn top technical skills. In this article, you will learn what are the top tech skills to learn today to increase your demand in the tech field and why you need to learn them.

Here is the list of the most demanding skills in 2022-

  • AI
  • Digital marketing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Web development
  • Blockchain


Artificial Intelligence

It is an anecdote to AI. It is whereby machines are mimicking human behaviour. What we have today as artificial intelligence is termed as weak. Researchers worldwide are looking for alternatives on how to build reliable artificial intelligence. People interested in artificial intelligence can pursue a career in it. The technology is expanding every day; the demand for AI Developers will be high. Several sectors have integrated the use of AI like healthcare, automobiles, language processing, and many more. Companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Apple are investing more and more into learning artificial intelligence. Now let’s see why AI is one of the most demanding skills for the future-

It provides a bright career.

Artificial intelligence is growing every day. Pursuing a career in it assures a better salary and opportunities to help you grow career-wise. You can work as a Data Scientist, Research Engineer, Developer, and many more once you have studied it. Companies like Amazon, Google, and Nokia are recruiting artificial intelligence talent. Although it is said to reduce jobs, it will create job opportunities in all sectors.

It is versatile.

It is associated with computer and space industries; plays a crucial role in other sectors like; healthcare, automobile, and banking sector. It delivers predictable outcomes. For example, it can be used by pathologists in cancer diagnosis. Imagine how amazing it would be for a robot to detect ailments in humans.

It is the skill of the 21st century.

It is true to jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence. Though this is true, it will also create many more opportunities in many fields. On this note, everyone must have at least an idea of what Artificial intelligence is and how it works. It will be a tremendous transformation; believe me, you would want to be part of it. Its applications know no boundary.

It ingests a significant amount of data.

Humans generate large amounts of data. The data; is handled by machines and artificial intelligence systems. It has enabled programs to analyze data and act accordingly.

It improves disaster management.

Artificial intelligence has programs that serve in spreading disaster news. For example, when a disaster hits an area, people start asking for help through social media handles which the AI program serves that same purpose at one go.

It benefits the society.

Artificial intelligence is used: in the healthcare sector and disaster management; Can be used in farming too; Farming has become difficult nowadays. The decreasing groundwater levels and the increasing competition for natural resources have made it difficult for farmers. AI has software that simplifies the work of farmers by providing information about the weather and soil. It helps them keep track of irregularities in plant growth. It increases profits. 

It is applied; by governments: in improving environmental planning, crime prevention, and better resource management.

It improves user experience.

AI does not require a separate app or device but simply adding intelligence to what we already use in our daily lives. AI; has a combination of different technologies that improve user experience by adding features to the already existing product.

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In conclusion, AI is not something we can ignore and; it is imperative to understand this technology.                                                    


Digital Marketing

It has become a buzzword recently;  Everything is getting digitalized; Digital marketing is growing with time; Businesses will boom as digital marketer. Digital marketing is already used in online ads and in the content you see. Below are the reasons why you should choose a career in Digital Marketing.

The demand for Digital Marketers.

Many companies are hiring marketers, according to researchers. There is an increasing demand for digital marketers, yet the supply is short. Learning this skill will get you better jobs and more security after learning as it is a highly demanded skill.

Great growth prospects.

Companies are now aware of the benefits the internet brings and digital platforms. Digital marketing helps businesses reach a wider audience, scaling business further hence generating more revenues. A digital marketing expert sets up business products and services online, runs campaigns, and develops content strategies. All these require skilled personnel. It is the reason for the increase in demand.

 Creation of your own business.

Digital marketers have adequate knowledge of online tools and various platforms. You can start websites, create products, and sell them to the targeted audience. Studying digital marketing skills can help you become a digital marketing consultant and also Starts a freelancing business. It is imperative to learn digital marketing for people who want to be entrepreneurs.

It reduces; the costs of your business promotion targeting the right audience and measures your progress better with this knowledge at hand.

It pays a better salary.

The high demand for digital marketers leads to high paychecks.

It is easy to start a career.

Becoming a digital marketer requires practice in online marketing techniques, creating a portfolio that will be good to go. Possessing this skill is simple. 

It is full of variety.

The internet changes so fast. Digital marketers have to adapt to these changes. Learning new stuff and mastering new techniques is imperative.

It is a technical and creative field.

Creativity and technical knowledge are compulsory to a digital marketer. The field is wide: and so it requires its unique set of skills.

In conclusion, digital marketing career opportunities are plenty; you get to have control over whom you become.                                              



The world has realized the importance of cybersecurity with news of cyber-attacks. It has made businesses and government agencies look for experts to protect them from cybercriminals. They are willing to pay any amount for the problem to be solved. Cybersecurity jobs never get boring. Now let’s see why Cybersecurity is the most demanding skills in 2022-

It pays a lot.

The job never gets boring.

It offers challenges daily. It displays unexpected failures as well as surprising discoveries. Attackers continue developing new exploits daily, which requires you to be creative to find solutions to the arising problems.

It offers a variety of industries and opportunities.

It is limitless: You can work in hospitals, schools, government agencies, military agencies. Cyber skills are growing fast in every department. Cyber skills will help defend sensitive data.

It provides unlimited potential for personal growth.

Cyber attackers are getting smarter each day. Cybersecurity professionals should outsmart them. Tackling such in an ever-growing industry comes with additional studies and research. You are continuously enriched with knowledge while working.

It does not require any math.

Not everyone shares a liking for mathematics. Courses offered on cybersecurity do not involve mathematics. It requires skills like programming and networking to build a career.

You get a chance to work with secret agencies.

Cybersecurity professionals get to work with prestigious companies like Dell, Accenture, and many more. Experts who prove to be good at their job and reliably earn themselves a chance to work with top government agencies like MI6, NSA, and Mossad. Learning cybersecurity could make you a secret agent.  

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Web Development

Web development is the art of developing a website. Web development is one of the most in demand skills for 2021 and one of the easy way to get high-paying jobs because you don’t need any college degree to become a web developer.

There are several reasons why web development is still one of the most demanding skills-

Availability of web development jobs.

There will be many computing jobs available with only a few skilled personnel available. Developing an interest in learning web technological skills will be of great benefit. The demand for web developers is increasing.

Source of income.

Earning a fat paycheck is not going to be a problem. Though, it should not be the only reason to pursue web development as a career.

There is no wasted time in learning how to code.

Learning how to code offers options for web development. You can learn online by yourself. It depends on how quickly you want to earn money. You can learn how to code in less than four months. It requires dedication to achieve success in learning and finding a job. Not long will you find a job you are excited about in the future?

You can work from anywhere.

Working as a web developer is not restrictive to any place. All that is required is a laptop with an internet connection.

Job opportunities.

The increasing demand for web developers is an opportunity for companies to go out of their way to make work very enjoyable.

Availability of freelance opportunities.

It is preferably for those who like to work according to their terms. You get plenty of opportunities as a web developer by being part of the web developing community; The pay increases as you become skilled.

It is enjoyable and requires creativity.

As a web developer, you get to express yourself on the net. It provides opportunities to try out while developing the websites. Deciding to pursue web development as a career will not waste time, money, and effort. The high demand and great experience is a great experience.

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Blockchain is a type of database. In the blockchain, data and information are transferred from one person to another, with no access to change or edit such data and information. 

Here is the reason for why blockchain is the most demanding skills for 2022-

Increasing demand for Blockchain.

There are many blockchain job opportunities in the market. Very few people are using blockchain technology; today. More than 80% of the population of the world are using the internet. You need to acquire knowledge and skills.

Career opportunity.

Blockchain operators a network for cryptocurrencies. It creates job opportunities for blockchain professionals. You can work as a Blockchain developer, Cryptocurrency analyst, consultant, and many more. An increase in salaries is proving to motivate people to get skills in Blockchain technology.

 More industrial opportunities.

Blockchain technology offers opportunities in the industrial sector. It keeps track of items and manages the operations in the industries. Many industries like aviation, banking, computing, retail, and many more. have integrated this technology.

Good governance and transparency.

Citizens in most countries do not have the right to decision making and processes regarding governance. Blockchain allows transparency in their right to access records and information.

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In conclusion, I hope the reasons listed above will help in considering learning Blockchain as a skill.


Augmented and Virtual technology

It is an anecdote for Augmented and Virtual technology: It involves every aspect of society; Applying this technology; enhances learning and teaching processing. Below are the reasons for learning augmented and virtual technology.

Upgrading teaching possibilities.

The process of learning is made easy. Learning; is expanded with this technology. Teachers teach practically. It helps students study in a 3D model improving, their understanding.

 Exploration of deeper horizons.

The best way to learn is by visualizing what you study. This technology provides learning with practical lessons to see. Learners can learn quickly and grasp ideas easily.

 Space for personalized learning.

Some people are quick, while some are slow learners. It gives students the time to learn as per their abilities.

It is cost-effective.

It reduces the cost of building laboratories for every activity. It operates in the long-term.

It is suited for this century.

Today, people are moving towards technology. It will be more appealing while the learner’s concentration will increase.        

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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is used for access data and store that data on the internet as cloud data. It doesn’t require any hard disk to save data and It is very easy to access. Companies are using cloud computing to keep their data safe and stored.

Here are some reasons to gain skills in cloud computing.

The increasing demand for cloud computing

Many companies are looking for trained people in cloud computing. Learning this skill will allow you to work with the best companies around.

 Great earning potential.

It offers the possibility of a great paycheck. Training in cloud computing will lead you in the right direction.

Stable job opportunities

Gaining cloud computing skills will help earn stable jobs away from hostile conditions. Companies are in dire need of information technology professionals with these skills at hand.

It improves your knowledge and promotes your work to employers and co-workers.

Companies require a trained and knowledgeable person in cloud computing before hiring them. A certificate reveals that you can help the organization solve problems on different platforms. Projects on cloud computing provide an opportunity to showcase your expertise in the field. Acquiring a certificate in cloud computing will go a long way in helping you achieve your potential.

 An added advantage during interviews.

Having a certificate in your curriculum vitae will help employers choose you in the cloud industry.

In conclusion, Cloud computing is turning businesses around.


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