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Earphones are requisite these days. The finest earphone always enhances the audio experience. Choosing the right brand for earphones below Rs. 2000 always creates confusion among customers. 

There are numerous earphones that are good in quality and affordable available in the market. 

We have selected some of the best quality earphones that are finest in terms of shape and executions. The comprehensive knowledge about the few best earphones helps to buy without reconsider. 

1. Sennheiser CX 275 S – 

Sennheiser CX 275 S
(Image credit: Sennheiser)

The popular Sennheiser CX180 is updated, improved and released CX275S. Sennheiser has been commanding over the budget friendly earphone markets. 

It has bass-driven stereo sound with frequency of 17Hz-23KHz. 

CX 275S has a pair of earphones which is designed for both Android and Apple devices like laptops and computers. 

Except the fragile build quality, the earphone has good microphone, comes in a carry pouch and 3 pairs rubber ear- tip inside the box.

2. JBL Endurance Run –

JBL Endurance Run
(Image credit: Amazon)

The JBL Endurance Run is absolutely ideal for the runner and fitness freak persons. You will get four pairs of ear tips and two rubber twist-lock guards that allows the earphone to sit in the ears. 

The earpiece is metallic with a dual tone matte and gloss finish. It is fitted with 8.2 mm drivers that create clear sound, frequency range is 20 Hz – 20 KHz. 

3. RHA MA 390 – 

RHA MA 390
(Image credit: Amazon)

The British Company RHA is notable for earphones and headphones.  RHA MA 390 has solid aluminium construction and has a 1.3m tangle free cable. It has a 13.8mm driver that adds the sound output with rich bass. 

RHA MA 390 is universal hence, it is suitable with most of the gadgets. These earphones have frequency range of 16Hz-22KHz.

It has single button with microphone for controlling, playing and handsfree calling. RHA offers 3 years of warranty.

4. Sound Magic E10C –

 Sound Magic E10C
(Image credit: Amazon)

The Sound Magic E10C is the advanced version of Sound Magic E10 with a concrete style, tangle-free cable and aluminium earbud. The in-ear design ensures that the earbuds sit nicely inside the ear duct. It has 3 remote control buttons to control volume. 

Sound Magic E10C has a frequency range between 15Hz-22KHz, the sound quality is pretty good and delivers a vast range.

The adaptability nature of all devices like iPhone, Android, laptops, PCs make it more user friendly. 

Since the earphone is pretty light weighted, it is easy to take anywhere outdoor. 

5. One Plus Bullets – 

One Plus Bullets
(Image credit: Amazon)

The One Plus Bullets belong to the renowned smartphone brand One Plus. One Plus Bullets is sophisticated Type C in-ear designed earphones with 3.5 mm headphone jack. 

The earpiece is made up of aluminium alloy and its oblique angled design helps to sit inside the ear nicely. 

Since these earphones are budget friendly but One Plus kept the promise to make it standardized quality both in built and audio. The specially framed dual layered 10mm driver is able to provide best standard audio. It has a frequency range between 20Hz-20KHz.

6. Sony MDR XB255AP – 

Sony MDR XB255AP
(Image credit: Amazon)

Good news for the bass lover from Sony. The light weighted, shiny metallic earphones Sony MDR is the best choice for the EDM lovers. 

The cable is 1.2 meter tangle free and flat. The angled style ear tip sits nicely inside the ear duct. 12 mm neodymium drivers for balanced and powerful sound. 

The frequency range of the earphones is 5Hz – 25KHz.

The earphones are quite fashion trendy since it comes with vibrant colours. 

7. BlitzWolf BW – ES 2 –

Blitz Wolf BW – ES 2
(Image credit: Amazon)

The Blitz Wolf BW-ES2 earphones look trendy, dynamic, vibrant, uncomplicated.  

It comes with two 6mm dual drivers inside each earpiece. The plastic driver supports the inexpensive price range and lighter weight helps to manage it easily. 

The sound quality is flawless. From Rock music, hip-hop to classical all types of music is enjoyable.   

The frequency range is between 20Hz – 40 KHz. There are three buttons for controlling the volume.  

Blitz Wolf BW – ES2 is a worthwhile earphone with all qualities at an affordable price. 

8. Realme Buds –

Realme Buds
(Image credit: Amazon)

Another budget friendly, simple solid build earphone. The audio quality of the earbuds are the best, and its bass is very high because of 11.2 mm sound drivers. 

9. Boat Rockerz 255 –

Boat Rockerz 255
(Image credit: Amazon)

This earphone is ideal for gym-goers since it is certified with an IPX5 rating that is waterproof. Best build quality, earbuds have a magnet inside, therefore pretty sturdy, It comes with vibrant colours. 

10. Skullcandy Smokin Buds 2-  

Skullcandy Smokin Buds 2
(Image credit: Amazon)

Skullcandy has a flat design cable that makes it anti-tangle. The soft earpiece easily fitted into the ear canal. 9 mm driver creates intense bass sound. It is a good choice with all qualities. 

It is always recommended that before finalizing the order, bring together all the necessary information and verify the warranty and return policy. We believe the study regarding budget-friendly earphones will be supportive.

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