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Code editors are the most important tools in Web development that provides you a platform where you can write and edit your source codes. Choosing the correct tools for Web development increase your work efficiency and save a lot of time and most importantly, It improves the quality of codes.

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In This Article, We are going to tell you about the Top 5 Code Editors for Web development. All Tools run on 3 Major platforms Windows, Linux, and macOS and each one has great features and updates. Now Let see what are the Top 5 Code Editors for web development in 2021-

Visual Studio Code

Top 5 Code Editors for Web development

Visual studio code is free and one of the best code editor. Visual studio code has gained much popularity among developers and a search has taken in 2018 by stack overflow and it is found that visual studio code has gained popularity of 34.9%. The reason behind the popularity of the amazing features of the Visual Studio Code. Some of its awesome features are described below:

1. VS code support several commonly used computer languages include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, PHP, Python, JSON, and Typescript, etc. 

2. It also has a very good feature that is built-in syntax.

3. It also provides easy and quick navigation between the source codes. 

4. It also has a feature name command palette. It allows the coder to run all your commands there.

5. It also gives errors and warning if it is any syntax error in your code.

6. VS code also gives the multi-cursor feature for fast and simultaneous code editing.

7. It also has features of cod folding, bracket matching, and also give more nearly 8000 extensions.


Top 5 Code Editors for Web development

Notepad++ was first released in 2003 and it is an open-source and free code editor. From the Stack overflow survey in 2018, notepad++ is one of the most popular code editors and it is at number 3rd among all environments and about 34.2% of developers use this environment. For the new developer, it is easy to learn. The main feature of this environment is as follows:

1. It gives the feature of syntax highlighting.

2. Its feature of auto-completion is really good

3. You can also zoom in and zoom out the page.

4. You can also convert lowercase to upper or uppercase to lowercase.

5. It also gives the feature of code folding.

Sublime Text

Top 5 Code Editors for Web development

Sublime Text is a cross plate-form code editor. From the search of stack overflow, Sublime text is used by 28.9% of developers, which makes it the 4th most used editor. Its popularity is down from 31% in 2016. You can download this code editor for free but for its continuous, you have to purchase its business license for 80 dollars USD. The main and awesome features are as follows:

1. It gives the feature of auto-completion, which means it completes the variables that are created by the user automatically.

2. If you want to navigate between open files, recent files or project files sublime text gives a tool of Goto anything.

3. It also has features of AutoSaved, spells correction, and macros.

4. It also gives a facility that you can change multiple lines and variables rename at the same type with ease.

5. It also commands the palette feature to run a different type of command. 


Top 5 Code Editors for Web development

Vim is another best code editor. It is free and open-source software. It is released in 1991. It gained the 5th position among the development environments by getting the 25.8% popularity mention in the search of the most reliable and used site by developers stack overflow. Basically, the vim code editor is used as a command-line interface and as a standalone interface. Its most important and commonly used features are as follows:

1. Vim allows its user to navigate and query through commands and features.

2. Vim gives the 12 different modes from which 6 are variants and the other 6 are basic modes.

3. It supports nearly all programming languages.

4. Vim supports all file formats and is thoroughly documented.

5. For system administration and in Linux it has gained much popularity.


Top 5 Code Editors for Web development

The Atom text editor is developed by GitHub in 2015. It is a platform free and cross-platform code editor. In a short interval of time Atom has gained much popularity. It has gained a reasonable user that is about 18.0%, from the stack overflow survey. It is a platform that is very easy to use and which offers about 8000 packages. Atom is quite similar to Sublime Text, but many developers or programmers preferred Atom over Sublime Text due to its simple interface. The most common and cool features of Atom editor are as follows:

1. To speed up your work speed it allows keyboard shortcuts.

2. It shows you your folder and project file in a tree shape so you can view the files easily.

3. It also allows you to make color schemes according to your taste so that code can be more readable and it became easy to work.

4. Atom also resolve merge conflicts

5. Its most important feature is that the GitHub packages are already bundled with Atom. 


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