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WhatsApp messenger or most commonly known as WhatsApp is an open-source messaging application that allows users to message across borders and also provides a voice-over feature. WhatsApp was launched on 24 February 2009 and was founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum in its headquarters at Mountain View California the USA. This application has seen a lot of downfall and criticism recently due to its new privacy policy and further by the infamous tweet of Mr. Elon Musk which just says “use signal”. According to the new policy this application shares user data with its parent company Facebook which completely fails the claim of end-to-end encrypted data. This has caused not only outrage among its users but also a shift of users to alternate messaging applications.

Let’s take a look at some of the alternatives for Whatsapp, some of which are unheard-of and some really creating a buzz right now.

Best Alternatives for Whatsapp in 2022


Top 7 Alternatives for Whatsapp that you can use in 2021

When people ask which app is the best alternatives for Whatsapp, then expertise says that Signal is the first choice for messaging applications. Signal is an open-source messaging application that has a lot of buzz surrounding it due to Mr. Elon Musk’s tweet saying “use signal”, since then people are drawn towards this application which has not only boosted the number of users but also the stocks of this application. Edward Snowden’s use of this application is also an appealing fact. Some of the features of these applications are:-

  • Open-source
  • Self-destroying messages
  • Pin lock
  • Phone call encryption
  • Less metadata storage
  • No backup
  • Very few users



Telegram was founded by two Russian brothers, Pavel and Nikolai Durov in desperate need after Kremlin’s strict control over internet activities. Telegram is one of the best alternatives for WhatsApp.

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Let’s look at some of its features:-

Being Cloud-based, this application allows access to users from a variety of devices but this also hampers privacy.

The users have a choice to delete data.

Limitless and Large numbers of files can be shared.

This application can store metadata.



This application is developed by an Israeli company and is based on the classic email into dialog form. Due to its group chat feature, this works very well as an alternative to WhatsApp. Let’s take a look at this applications prime features:-

  • This application is free for private use.
  • No need to provide a mobile number
  • This application can be used across many platforms.
  • Basically  only also ten group chats
  • All participants should use spike for its voice and video call feature.
  • All data stored and transmitted through the AES256 key



This application is Switzerland based and is extremely user friendly and secure regarding user data. This application is very less heard of and manages contacts and Groups only on devices, not on any server. Talking of feature, this application has quite a few:-

  • This application  is better encrypted  than WhatsApp
  • It has a pin lock feature
  • It stores no to very little metadata
  • Telephone call encryption
  • It is not based on open source
  • It has very few users being very less heard of.
  • This application is not free.



Wire was founded in 2014 and is a very new addition to the alternatives of WhatsApp. This application is very less heard of making its user base very small. Talking of the main features that this application provides:-

  • This application can be used across a variety of platforms.
  • It has a very modern design.
  • This application is based on open source.
  • Users can use Group calls.
  • Does not store metadata.
  • It has very few users.


This application like most of the other applications that we have talked about also provides end-to-end encryption of chats and data. Users can protect their data by scanning QR codes when one user meets another to verify them. Let’s look at some of the SIMse features:-

  • End to end encryption of user data
  • QR code verification
  • Also has a self-destroying messages feature.
  • Allows message planning.
  • It provides a white-label solution for companies
  • It does not require a phone number for registration
  • There is no voice call feature
  • Very less number of users
  • It doesn’t have an open-source.



Hoccer is a Germany based application that provides very high security and anonymity to its users.

Let’s take a look at its features:-

  • It does not save metadata
  • Chats and data are ends to end encrypted.
  • Login is highly anonymous.
  • Not based on open source
  • Less heard of and very

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