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We all know that due to COVID -19, the education system has completely changed. The classroom we knew has completely changed and became an online virtual classroom, the exam pattern has also changed. In this article we will talk about the top 7 trends of education technology, so let’s start it.

1. E-learning


E-learning is a major trend of education technology, through e-learning students learn online with the help of technological devices like pc, handy smartphones, projectors and many more, with the help of these devices study become more effective as these devices are also able to reflect visual graphics which are better means of learning.

2. Increase of Artificial Intelligence

Increase of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has also increased in the education sector, now teachers don’t bear all burdens like they were used to because AI has improved many things like recording student’s academic reports, attendance reports, maintaining test schedules, and many other things. Due to the AI system, many things improved in the education sector and that’s why it is considered one of the major trends of education technology.

AI-based learning is also a result of Artificial Intelligence, In AI-based learning, students get digital courses and animated videos for better learning which reduces explanation from the teacher’s side. Students also get e-texts and pdfs for many topics which made in a diversified manner which help students.

3. Distance Learning

Distance Learning

One of the greatest advantages of online education is distance learning because in covid -19 pandemic, govt. has shut down all educational institutions because of safety issues and many students around the world forced to stay in their homes but you know that study cannot be stopped for forever so distance learning helped everyone and still helping and because of it students can study from their homes without even coming to their schools and colleges and continue their studies in their own comfort and you all know that because of covid, physical classes are not possible so, it also introduced Digital Online Assessment which enables entire education system to assess the performance of students from their homes and it also enables teaching platforms to evaluate test records of students

4. Freedom of expressing

Freedom of expressing

It is also one of the popular educational trends of the education system which introduced in 2020, well it is not some kind of technological up-gradation or modification. In classroom study, there is always the norm that only first benchers are more expressive and creative and it is pre-assumed that last benchers are usually passive in classroom interaction but online classes provide a great opportunity to every student to participate equally in classroom interaction without hesitation and it is fact that in online classes students are more active because they are comfortable in their homes and there is no seating plan like a physical classroom in which half students sit in front rows and other sit in back rows which contribute personality developments of students in the wider picture.

5. Revolution in Exam Pattern

Revolution in Exam Pattern

We all know the exam pattern which has been used for so long before pandemic, traditional and hectic exam pattern in which students has to give exams in the school environment and they feel intense pressure but now, exam pattern has completely changed and students don’t have to travel exam centers for their exams and can give exams in their own personal space with more confidence without feeling any kind of pressure. Exam management is one of the sub-branch of the online education system which with the help of AI system, exams can be conducted in a fair manner without any lags and violation of rules, because of the online exam management system each and every student can able to give exams no matter where he/she lives or resides.

6. Introduction of VR technology

Introduction of VR technology

VR stands for virtual technology and in my point of view, it is one of the major trends of educational technology. VR technology is one of the emerging technology which is currently using in top educational institutes around the globe which included MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Wisconsin, Yale and all IITs and IIMs of India. In simple words VR technology is meant to use virtual headsets which produce realistic images of ongoing topic and issue, it also produces realistic sounds, graphics, and motions of people. VR technology is primarily used for giving practical exposure to students so they have a better understanding and knowledge about the topic and can apply it successfully on their own. VR technology is the best tool for engineering students and students who are studying in the space field because practical exposure is definitely needed in these fields.

7. Online data saving

Online data saving

In the covid -19 pandemic, the entire education system changes and goes to online which brought many significant changes like the introduction of the online classroom, online test, exams conducted through text sheets instead of physical sheets, online submission of exams, virtual assessment of students, digital quizzes, events, competitions, and other functions. We all know very well that before the pandemic everything was handy and physical, I was talking about data related to students but now every detail of student from their names to their annual report cards available digitally and can be access by school authorities and students whenever they want and in my opinion, it is a great advantage of education technology because recording data physically could be a problem sometimes because firstly it requires large manpower for large educational institutions and there is a chance of error because humans are not ought to make data completely flawless but technology made it far easier because technology cannot make an error in recording. Recording data digitally is also good because it is saved on the internet and cannot be misplaced and use for different purposes at any time which is really a positive indicator of education technology.

FAQ: Top Trends of Education Technology

What are the trends in educational technology?

Ans: Top Trends for Education Technology –
1. E-learning
2. Increase of Artificial Intelligence
3. Distance Learning
4. Freedom of expressing
5. Revolution in Exam Pattern
6. Introduction of VR technology
7. Online data saving

What are the new technologies used in education?

1. E-learning
2. Blockchain Technology
3. AI
4. Social Media
5. Online exam
6. VR technology
7. IOT
8. Video-oriented class

How important is technology in education?

Ans: Using of latest Technology tools can increase student involvement during classroom, Digital classrooms help teachers to improve their course plans and facilitate personalized learning.

What are some key issues and trends in the field of educational technology?

Ans: Let’s see the key trends in educational technology –
1. Support students as creators.
2. Provide deep learning education
3. Modernize the Learning spaces
4. Learning by collaboration
5. Focusing on programming skills


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