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Nowadays, coding is not only for the IT world but a very basic thing. As the world moves towards technical advancements, more and more trade, the hospitality sector and every other small to big sector have moved online.

Now every business and every service wants to gain peopleā€™s attention through their websites. This interaction between the people is most valued and calculates the value of the business.

Hence, coding a program has become a very vital skill for the advancement of business as well as careers. If you one is successful in making a great online presence then he can make quite a positive impact on a business.

Why learning to code so important?

Coding is a language that is used in computers to make websites, applications, and software. Basically, everything you see on a computer screen or a mobile screen, every picture, word, video, or anything, is run and made by a set of code.

These codes are what commands a computer to do a particular thing. As business set to grow and flourish online, the need of programmers and developers tend to grow. Education has also moved online, and to upgrade their coding skills one can learn this programming language through a number of websites.

Top websites to learn coding in 2021

1. Code Academy:- 

Code Academy

Through Code academy, more than 24 million have learned coding and this is one of the most popular websites to learn coding for free. Their course range from the introduction to the most advanced level. One can immediately test what they have learned through their interactive learning techniques. Some languages that they teach are:-

2. Edx:-


Next on this list is, Edx which is an open-source platform that has more than 5 million students. This website has many categories in which computer science is the one where you can learn to code. Some languages that they teach are:-

  • Java 
  • C++
  • Python
  • Html
  • CSS 
  • SQL
  • Mobile App development

3. Udemy:-


Udemy is an open-source platform for learning and teaching that provides more than 130000 online courses,  paid as well as free and has more than 35 million students. These are the few development courses that they offer:-

  • Mobile application development
  • Website development
  • ProgramingĀ  languages
  • E-commerce site development

4. BitDegree:-


BitDegree, like any other educational website, this website also provides a large base of online courses related to web development and programming. They also offer gamified courses that increase interaction and achievement in the learning process. Languages that they teach are:-

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • SQL 
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • JQuery

5. Coursera:-


Coursera is a popular known platform for online learning. Here experienced professors from leading universities teach coding-based tutorials, language, and courses. This website is developed by many professional teaching experts which means that every course comes from the best source. Here you also get a certification after completion of the courses but that is a paid process. These are some of the languages that they offer:-

  • Java
  • Python
  • IoT
  • Programming
  • C language
  • Html
  • CSS

6. Khan academy:-

Khan Academy

This is a very famous and massive platform to learn online courses from the very basic level to the most advance. All courses are taught and designed by expert teachers. Here students are encouraged to share their knowledge. These are some of the languages courses that they provide:-

  • HTML
  • Databases
  • JavaScript
  • CSS

7. Google android training:-

Google android training

Google developer’s training team has come forward to design this learning program where you can get a google certification and what better way to learn coding from the experts from themselves. The courses range from the basic to advanced level through guides and coding tutorials to build web knowledge. This training program uses tools like workbox, chrome DevTools, and lighthouse. This program development include:-

8. Upskill:-


This is a free boot camp where you can reach from the very basic level to the most advanced level of developer. Though this primarily teaches and focuses on web development even with no prior experience. Skills that they teach are:-

  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • WordPress development plugin
  • CSS3
  • Ruby on rails
  • Node js

9. Code Avengers:-

code avengers

Very interesting, interactive, and fun platform to learn coding and programming. There are courses which will teach its pupils to code websites, applications, and games. Every course takes up to 12 hours to complete. Here you can learn languages like:-

  • Web development
  • jQuery
  • CSS
  • Python
  • HTML

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10. Solo learn:-

solo learn

This free website teaches a few online programming languages. This application is mobile-friendly. Here learning is a collaborative effort where students can get inspiration and ideas from collaborating with other students. Some courses that they offer:-

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • Python
  • C/ C#/ C++
  • Swift 4 fundamentals

FAQ: Top Websites to Learn Coding Free

Which is the best website to learn coding?

Ans: These are the top 10 websites to learn coding –
1. Code academy
2. Edx
3. Udemy
4. Bit Degree
5. Coursera
6. Khan Academy
7. Google android training
8. Upskills
9. Code Avengers
10. Solo learn

Does coding need math?

Ans: Yes, math is required for coding because when you start learning how to code you will see mathematics concepts such as Algebra parts, Calculus, or logical and reasoning. So learn the basics and fundamentals of mathematics if you have zero knowledge about it.

Where can I learn to code for free?

Ans: List of the best free platform where you can learn coding-free –
~ Code academy
~ Edx
~ Udemy
~ Bit Degree
~ Coursera
~ Khan Academy
~ Google android training
~ Upskills
~ Code Avengers
~ Solo learn

Where can I practice coding?

Ans: List of 7 Best platforms for practice coding are –
1. HackerRank
2. Coderbyte
3. CodeChef
5. Codewars
6. LeetCode
7. TopCoder

What should I learn first in coding?

Ans: If you are beginner then these languages are best to choose as a first programming language – 1. Python 2. JAVA 3. Javascript 4. C## 5. Ruby


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