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The new update released by Microsoft of the Windows 10 20H2, launched in October 2020, is the new improvement made on the previous version of windows 10. Many features were improved by Microsoft to enhance the operations that include Taskbar, windows menu, notification pop up, among others that would be discussing in this article. With the new features, it is shown that windows 10 20H2 has many advantages. It is suitable for users who would like to change the settings with the given deem feature. It covers the way more on multitasking, for example, the introduction of Microsoft Edge Tabs in the Alt + Tab key.

Fortunately, for those who are using Windows 10 Education or Enterprise edition, you can upgrade to Windows 10 20H2 by going to your settings, click “Update & security” then click “Check for Update” on Window Update. It will prompt “Feature update to Windows 10, Version 20H2” then click “Download and install“.

New Features and Updates of Windows 10 20H2

The new features and updates are simple and adjustable. Here are the following features and updates of new windows 10 20H2 highlighted below:

Microsoft Edge browser (Inbuilt):

Microsoft Edge browser (Inbuilt) Windows 10 20H2

Before Microsoft Edge can be found in a separate software and it was launched in January 2020. Although it was available for users since the launch. With the new release of Windows 10 20H2, Microsoft has built it with the new window while retaining “Internet Explorer”.

Alt + Tab features:

Alt + Tab features in windows 10H2

While pressing Alt + Tab in new windows 10 20H2, it would display Edge browser tabs and other opened tabs/windows. These features enabled users to easily navigate through the Tabs. However, if the user wants to disable the Alt + Tab function key, they can. navigate to “system settings” click “multitasking” down the left side, then you can change the Alt + Tab setting.

 Start Menu Theme:

Start Menu Theme in windows 10H2

There is an improvement in the start menu themes with a transparent background to march with the Window themes. This is also adjustable by going to “setting” “Personalization” then click on the “colour”. Here, the user would be able to make changes in colour to “start, taskbar, and action centre”

The removal of System from Control Panel:

The removal of System from Control Panel

When a user clicked on “System” in the Control panel, it will open the “About” page which contains necessary information about the system. The “About” page is much better than the removed “System”. Microsoft enables the “Copy” button to copy all the information. Unlike the previous version of Windows 10 which has basic information about the system.

Display Refresh rate setting:

The refresh rate allows smooth motion but consumes power. The higher refresh rate is good for gaming. To change the refresh rate, navigate to “Settings”, click “System”, then “Display”, click on “Advanced display settings” then scroll down. Here the user would be able to change the “Refresh rate”.

Samsung smartphone app feature:

Samsung smartphone app feature in windows 10H2

The new windows 10 20H2 provides the Samsung Smartphone apps to connect to the Samsung phone and interact with it effectively. The user can access messages, photos, and call respectively. Microsoft will provide the same feature for smartphones later in the future.

Automatic switch to tablet mode:

Automatic switch to tablet mode

Before, there would be a pop-up that would be asking “Do you want to switch to tablet mode?” but in the new Window, it has been removed. Changes can be made if the user does not like the automatic. To change the setting go to the “Settings” “System” click “Tablet” by the left then change the setting.

Focus Assistant Notification and the new Notification:

The focus assistant notification has been disabled by default on the new window. Here, you can choose which notification you would like to see. You can change the setting by click on the “Window Symbol” click on “Settings” then “System” select “focus” by the left. The new notification pops up would show you the details of where they are coming from.

Pinned Taskbar website:

When a website is pinned at Taskbar, the user can easily navigate to all Taskbar of that website by clicking on the tab icon.

However, the users of the previous version of windows 10 are encouraged to upgrade to the new one because of its simplicity. It appears that Microsoft is more concerned about the simplicity of its software to its customer. We should be expecting another new version of the window in 2021 that would be more durable and users friendly than the Window 10 20H2 version.

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